Sessions for UK Govcamp


Culture is the problem? Or is it? Why aren't we in charge? / Why aren't we in charge? - Why is it hard to get sensible things done(quickly?) - The fantasy of self empowered agile teams - It's not just a job.....

Delivery managers aren't project managers. Discuss.

How can non-profits and work better at co-ordinating around disasters?

Children's participation in social care and beyond

Making space + time to think better

Let's talk rubbish! How can we bring smart technology to domestic recyling

Data infrastructure. How do we make the plumbing sexy?

Recruiting the unusual to do the uncertain

What can we do to look after each other better? How can we look out for each other in stressful situations?

How do we make civil service detectives?


Leadership behaviours and/or self management

Procurement - all the things!

Feminist procurement! Microactions to increase social good

Could public services be more effective if they weren't centralised and transactional?

Week notes meet up: what are they?

Do civil servants move jobs too often and what should we do about it?

Locality working - how can we join up pulic services + communities to move from reactive to productive + preventative for people in need?

What to do with all the spreadsheets


Big and bold ideas to remake all of government for the internet age/We thought websites were probably fixed, then transactions, now organisations

How to sustain lean six stigma/continuous improvement intiatives in public service

Make policy great again! How do we make iterative and informed policy decisions that match service development cycles?

What customer insight is needed to seliver preventattive + proactive services across public + community services for people in need?

What do the people who are not here need to learn?

Smart cities next steps. Digital twins for cities

How do we make people feel truly included?

Using maps and contextual understanding to save money and make friends


What tech can and cannot fix/solve

How to successfully navigate the digital service standards when delivering digital projects

The law, EU exit and digial delivery.

"Won't somebody please think of the children?" Future frameworks, policy, law and practive for the UN convention of the rights of the child across public sector

Failcamp! No shame, no blame

Being open about your work on the internet

Dyslexia - how accessible are we?

Culture eats everything else for breakfast. Tips to change culture's eating habits

How to ask the right question at the start of a project

Book Camp! Let's talk about out favorite books


Agile for non tech teams

"Turning it off" Big Disco vs Continuous Disco

How do we use mobile technology to boost engagement within the public?

Introduction to user story mapping

AI + public law - making robots that don't get you sued?

When to make firends, when to make frenemies

Practical ways to help orgs that don't have to follow the service standards